Dealing with the Death of Animals

Every single day, animals die so that consumers can have a cheap drive-through burger – this is fact.

Three times a day, consumers get a chance to cast their vote in the animal holocaust – three opportunities to choose kindness and nutrition over abuse and murder.

Maybe you don’t like to think of it as “murder” – after all, animals were put on this earth to be exploited, abused and slaughtered for our enjoyment, right? (insert sarcasm here)

Today may be “Thanksgiving” but, unfortunately for the animals, this holiday is “traditionally” celebrated around the corpses and secretions of once living, thinking, and feeling animals – all of whom had their lives stolen from them because of a flavour preference, because of our self-proclaimed entitlement to animals as a resource.

It doesn’t matter to the animal contained in your sandwich whether someone put a “free-range” or “RSPCA approved” sticker on the package – they are no less dead; and they are dead because people keep choosing to support the slaughter and abuse of animals who suffer the misfortune of being born the wrong kind of animal.

In Western society, cats and dogs are seen as “pets”, whereas cows, pigs and sheep et cetera, are viewed as “livestock” and, as a result, are afforded no rights by those who breed them into existence – born into a life of pain, cruelty, sexual and physical abuse and, ultimately, a violent and brutal slaughter.

If you are celebrating Thanksgiving today, please think about making a choice that doesn’t support and facilitate animal abuse.

Choose kindness, go vegan.

The only thing we need from animals is their forgiveness.